Thursday, January 8, 2009

Google Killer Tips

Hi there,

People have questions like , How can I get listed on TOP in GOOGLE ?

Well the answer is here :

DO's :
  1. Design site using css/xhtml layout and see that it folows Web Standards and see that it validates.
  2. Try to use as much text content as possible because google likes TEXT.
  3. Try to use your business keywords in H1 Tag of your home page
  4. Try to in-cooperate Keywords in your home page
  5. Always use ALT-TAGS on evey image of your page, give a meaningful description.
  6. Optimize Images
  7. See that every page links back to your Home page
DONT's :
  1. Avoid Table based layouts if possible
  2. Avoid Flash
  3. Never CHEAT google, never try to use text of same background color of page just to stuff keywords.
  4. Avoid Huge images, that increases page load time.
These are the basic secrets of gaining high ranking.

Hope this helps.

Try it yourself and see the results....

Thank You.


  1. 3 things that helped my site get a higher Google Rating was content, content, and more content. The other was getting other sites with a high Google rating to link to my site. Third, links from my site inside the content to other high rated sites.

  2. Yes Benton, You are absolutely right, after all content is the KING, more you add, google gets more food, tomorrow I will post a google secrets ebook, that might be helpful to others.

    And Benton thanks for posting your valued comments, I appreciate it a lot.

    Do let me know your ideas and stuff so that we can share things here, and I will write more 3d modeling tutorials for the community.


  3. Oops. forgot to mention, ALT tags are extremely important , and DON'T ever have bad 404 links on your website, that will make google annoy very much thats what I have observed


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